BME Health Inequalities

BME groups generally have less access to high-quality care along with poorer health and worse health outcomes than the overall population.

BME communities are more likely to have co-morbilities i.e. a combination of long term health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, COPD etc.

COVID-19 has shone a spotlight on health inequalities that have existed for several decades.

BME Health Champions

Make a big impact within your community during Covid 19

TIMC is recruiting and training BME Health Champions to engage with a minimum of 30 BME people to fight against Covid 19 and to improve general well-being. The champions will support TIMC programmes and be part of a wider Bhealthy campaign in run by Birmingham City Council. For more information contact

Bhealthy Campaign

BHealthy is a series of practical resources designed to enable leaders and professionals across the city, to support communities to reduce their risk of becoming seriously ill from Covid-19
  • Information and practical support on infection control
  • guidance and support for maintaining long term conditions known to increase Covid risk
  • guidance and practical advice to support healthy living and build an immune response
  • guidance and practical advice to stop unhealthy habits known to reduce immunity and increase the risk of Covid
  • guidance and support to maintain and improve mental health to cope with the changes caused by Covid

About Us

Is a community programme linking all residents in Birmingham and celebrating the identity of the Commonwealth communities that settle in the city.
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