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This Is My City is a United Community Activity Network (UCAN) project, which celebrates Birmingham and brings people from commonwealth countries. The pillars scheme is an evolving programme that includes art, film and creativity from all ages, genders and abilities. The project has been endorsed by the Commonwealth Games organising committee through United by Birmingham 2022 programme. In addition, This Is My City is supported by Birmingham Commonwealth Association.

Why us

Birmingham has a population of approximately 1.2million population.

With over 50% majority minority BME community, most of which are migrants from Commonwealth countries. The true commonwealth has been here for decades and now is the time to celebrate over 70 years of commonwealth Birmingham.

The Pillars of the Commonwealth programme aims to showcase seven commonwealth ‘regions’, which were identified in consultation with the diverse range of residents in Birmingham – Africa, Caribbean, Europe, Pacific, Asia, Birmingham, UK (representing residents from countries outside the commonwealth). The programme represents the foundation of Birmingham, the heritage and culture of each region and how they have evolved into British society.

The pillars section of our programme also represents the creation of our concept This Is My City and origins of the scheme.

Alongside the 7 ‘regional’ pillars, we have also adopted as part of the programme the 7 pillars of life which is also a model used by central government.

1. Selflessness

Act solely in the interest of others.

2. Integrity

We must hold on to our key values.

3. Objectivity

We must act and take decisions impartially, fairly and on merit, using the best evidence and without discrimination or bias.

4. Accountability

We must be accountable for both our successes and our failures.

5. Openess

The commonwealth was built on open values in which the migrant community believed in taking the lead of faith to find a better life in foreign lands. We must remain to be open and transparent in all that we do.

6. Honesty

Be truthful to ourselves and others

7. Leadership

We must all find our inner leader directing ourselves through to the right path.


commonwealth Footsteps

As part of our pillars programme, we have engaged with a series of young athletes from Birmingham with commonwealth decent. We will be following these young role models from pillar to pillar in their journey towards the Commonwealth Games in 2022.

The highest percentage of athletes are from Commonwealth backgrounds. In the run up to the Birmingham Commonwealth 2022 Games.

The pilot project, ‘Commonwealth Footsteps’, we will be following the journey of chosen young Birmingham athletes, who are working hard to qualify for games, against all odds.

George Whitby-Hayes

Age 22

George ‘Viking’ Hayes

  • 100m PB: 11.4
  • Favourite food: Lasagne
  • Hobbies: Football, gaming, basketball
  • Sporting role model: Usain Bolt

Nyle Mcintosh

Age 22

Nyle Mcintosh

  • 100m PB: 11.30
  • First job: Caribbean Foods and drinks warehouse
  • Nyle in words: Hardworking
  • Sporting role model: Asafa Powell

Javaughn Parks

Age 23

Javaughn Parks

  • 100m PB: 12.7
  • 200m  PB: 26.4
  • Favourite food: Lamb Shank
  • Hobbies: Singing
  • Sporting role model: Usain Bolt

Lauryn Walker

Age 18

Lauryn “Loz” Walker

  • 100m PB: 12.37
  • Something about me: I love to learn how to cook new meals from different cuisines
  • Lauryn in a word: Resilient
  • Sporting role model: Shirley Ann Fraser-Price

Omar Holness

Age 18

Omar “Omizy’ Holness

  • 60m PB: 7.19
  • 100m PB: 11.3
  • Currently studying: A-levels
  • Omar in a word: Steadfast
  • Sporting role model: Usain Bolt

Patrick Pearce

Age 18

Patrick ‘triple P’ Pearce

  • 100m PB: 11.3
  • 200m PB: 22.1
  • Favourite food: Mutton, rice and peas
  • Patrick in a word: Unpredictable
  • Sporting role model: Yohan Blake

About Us

Is a community programme linking all residents in Birmingham and celebrating the identity of the Commonwealth communities that settle in the city.
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